finding our way

I went to my seventh grader’s parent night last night. At his school, kids have the same teacher for first through eighth grade. My son’s teacher announced that her theme for the next two years was “Finding Your Way.” They’ll study compasses and maps, talk about Renaissance inventors, and learn astronomy, and, oh yeah, become teenagers.

As we set out on this new blog, we’re going to appropriate that theme. Nicole and I will be figuring this all out as we go along. We’re improvising. We like to do that. That’s why we wrote this big book, Improv Sewing, that the cool folks at Storey Publishing will put on the shelves this spring. And life just calls for improvisation these days, doesn’t it? Plans are all good, but with the world changing as fast as it is, you kind of have to make it up as you go along, finding your way the best you can. Hope you’ll enjoy what we share here, and improv right along with us.

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