the cheap girl’s guide to making stuff

Oooh, my first post on a fresh new blog that my fantastic pal Debra and I have conceived to really explore the idea of improvising as a life skill. Seriously, next to learning to live in the moment (which I would love to learn, BTW) I think that being good at making things work with whatever you’ve got (literally and figuratively speaking) is an awesome approach to life.  We are faced every day with problems little and big that we need to figure out and I am learning that if you believe that you can make things work and even make them beautiful, or at least are willing to try, then chances are pretty good that you just might .  Okay, not always, but whatever.

I just wrote and then erased a whole paragraph on my first grader’s rough beginning in his new school.  It was on topic, but a huge bummer.  Maybe I will start with something a little more fun.  Actually, a lot more fun.  A few years ago I wanted to try out silk screening but was a little thrown by all of the expense that went into starting a project.  I got the basic concept, so I bought some screen fabric and made my own frame out of some leftover foam core I had about the place.  Go have a look at the post I wrote over on my other blog, One Golden Apple. It will give you the whole scoop on making your own silk screen with stuff you probably have around the house.  So, I’m cheap in that way, indeed, and it generally serves me well.

homemade silk screens

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