the improv approach to publishing a book, chapter 1

This was the very first shot made for the book proposal that will end up as Improv Sewing, due out next spring from Storey Publishing. It was shot on the mossy old cellar door at my house, using my little fuji finepix camera. (This project will appear in the book, but in a very different form.)

And how did we go from a single snapshot to a 300-page tome?

[insert dreamy flashback effect and woozy music]

Summer 2009.  An ordinary day at my office. As an editor at a crafty media brand, I am surrounded by a lot of incredibly creative people, and generate a fair amount of creative energy myself. Too much, in fact. I need an outlet for the extra juice. I am looking for a project to take on, something a bit more grown-up than what I work on during business hours…

Nicole is one of my favorite freelance crafters, both for her flair with tin cans and toilet paper tubes, and just for the sunny person she is. She’s always turning up in these fantastically hip and pretty clothes. “Made it myself — so easy!” she always says.

And then one day the wheels begin to turn…

“Hey, would you ever be interested in working on a book project together?” I ask. “Sewing stuff, maybe?”

“Uh…hell yeah!” says Nicole. Or something to that effect.

No promises, I warn her. We’ll just toss a line out there and see if we get a nibble….

[next: improvising some bait and tackle]

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