Thanks, Mom

I have a great Mom.  She is nice and supportive and she lives by the beach and she hands me down cashmere sweaters every year after she begins to change her closet over from summer to winter (yes, she does that!). It’s awesome. My Mom is a pretty fancy lady and not everything she gives me is exactly my style- me not being the fanciest person on the block- but she knows I will not say no to a single one because they CAN BE CHANGED. We went to visit her this past weekend (swam in the ocean and it was glorious) and she gave me no less than 8 sweaters.  I went up to my studio to read over the first proof of our upcoming book (oh my, more on that some other time but just you wait and see!) and there was this pink cashmere number in the pile on my work table that was really distracting me.

I thought, what is 15 minutes from my work day? I started cutting and then thought I should grab my camera, for this project is a perfect example of making the things you’ve got work for you. The sweater I started with had short sleeves already, but they came down close to my elbows and i don’t love that length.  I thought it would make a great little autumn cardigan, so this is what I did:

1) I folded the sweater so the side seams met and the front was in half and then cut from the hemline  to the neckline with nice sharp scissors.

1) I folded the sweater so the side seams met and the front was in half and then cut from the hemline to the neckline with nice sharp scissors.

2) I cut the neckline and shortened the sleeves. All of the edges will remain raw and they will be fine. On some sweaters, if it seems like they will ravel, a light felting in the washing machine might be needed.

3) Now I'm going to add some pretty crushed velvet ribbon. I had enough in my stash to make each length about 16".

4) I folded the end of the ribbon 1/2" under on the corner of the neckline where it meets the front opening.

I then wrapped the ribbon to the inside of the sweater.

The ribbon got folded and doubled back on itself so it stuck out towards the front opening. There was still a fold of fabric- a tab of sorts- on the backside of the sweater. I did this to create a secure attachment for the ribbon. I didn't want it pulling the edge of the sweater too much, lest it stretched it out in a funny and unnattractive way.

Pinned in place, I stitched an X starting from the back and then through the front.

Again, from the back to the front and finished in the back- tied off with a knot. Remove the pin.

I continued to make Xs down the open edge under the ribbon. I made 6 and then knotted at the back to end. Snip. Do the other side in the same way.

This is what the backside looks like.

The light is iffy here, but you can see how both sides are the same.

Now go, look in your closet or at the thrift shop (just don’t call my Mom because I am greedy) and make your own.  Of course, it doesn’t have to be cashmere- it could be wool or even a t-shirt- but it is soooo soft. And, it really did take me only 15 minutes to make, I swear.

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