girls on film

So it may be a bit quiet here this week…Beside doing all the other stuff we do, Nicole and I are in the midst of prepping for a video shoot. Ryan of Pacing in the Panic Room  (look at his gorgeous photos!) is traveling from down south up to our l’il corner of New England to shoot a few minutes of us talking about our book and sewing and doing who knows what else. We are really pleased to be working with the artist behind this recent book trailer. I mean really. That is awfully cool.

By the way, yesterday I made a t-shirt version of this project, using a long-sleeved tee instead of a sweater. This shirt had been crumpled in the back of my drawer for a while, because it was really too big and too scoop-necked for me. So in an attempt to make a cardigan, I sliced it up the middle, added some homemade ribbon ties, and it looked…too big and too scoop-necked. I will keep tweaking it, and if I get it to look even halfway decent, I will post a photo!

We are also hard at work revising galleys…staying up too late. I am wistfully recalling this latte I had a few weeks ago at the Urth Caffe in Santa Monica. Have you been there? Yes? Then you know how good this tasted…

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