low budget beauty

I want to turn my back on vanity, but then something like a video shoot comes a knocking on my back door and all hell breaks loose in my 40ish year old brain.  You might not know this, but my Dad is a plastic surgeon and though I would never (ahem), there are things a gal can’t help notice about herself  that might need a little attention when the promise of a camera is in her week’s plan.  So, since we don’t have a make-up and hair budget, we are going to have to improvise a bit (I just had to use that word).  This is what I have done or am planning to do before this evening:

1) I bought a new bra.  Essential.

2) I’m getting a manicure for the macro hand shots that Ryan has planned (it has been years since the last).

3) I have watched a how-to video on natural make-up application on YouTube.  If anyone has any tips, feel free to speak up (I generally only wear lipstick, which I have a thing for, but nothing else).

4) I bought a new hair clip yesterday and trimmed my own hair.  Check.

5) I am making a new frock, though I have a few things to choose from that were used in the book- handy!

6) I am going for a run with my friend Leslie, the marketing art director for Storey, our publisher, before we start this evening- uh, too late for the belly but good for mental well being.

Other than those things, I’m not thinking about it at all.

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