Improv Sewing book trailer: behind the scenes

I snapped a few pics during the shoot for our book trailer….

The talented Ryan Marshall shoots Nicole in her studio. This is where she sewed all of the Improv Sewing projects, on that little Janome machine. Out the window, she has a view that includes her house and garden, a pig wallow complete with pigs, and a field of horses. Ryan’s video tech set-up was impressive — very compact, but capable of lots of different moves…he used all natural light, just like Alexandra did for the photos in the book.

In the afternoon, we spend some time shooting up in the orchard where Nicole’s family grows apples for hard cider. This part of the orchard is just a few years old and hopefully has many eons of apple-producing ahead of it. The view from up there is huge…way in the background, you can see a bit of the Connecticut River, which created and still flows down the center of the Pioneer Valley, our part of Western Mass. The hills on the horizon are the very first part of the Berkshires, except around here, we just call ’em “the hills,” because who needs to get too fancy?

Back at the house late in the afternoon, Ryan, Nicole, and Leslie (Storey Publishing‘s brilliant marketing art director, who managed the shoot) cozied up to Nicole’s pigs, Chipmunk and Bertha. In case you think everything went a little too perfectly on this day, let me assure you that the pigs were being pretty naughty — one chomped on Ryan’s shoe (no serious injury) and they just generally were a bit belligerent. Still, their little tails are irresistibly weird and cute…

So that was the book trailer shoot. Meanwhile, the galleys are back with the team at Storey and we are awaiting the next round. The book is already listed on Amazon and available for pre-order on this plain little page here.  Or this one here.

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