mason jar lights

Mason Jar Pendant Lights

I wrote about the above project over at One Golden Apple yesterday, if you’re interested in looking. It was something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and then I finally did it.  Mason Jar Pendant Lights.

And then, unrelated…

I recently borrowed This I Believe from the library.  It is a collection of short essays that were read on the radio show of the same name- a show that started in the 50s but is still being contributed to.  I have been quite moved by the pieces that I have read so far.  Mostly is just makes me love people so much.  There are stories of life lessons learned as children and carried forward into adult life, there are stories of transformation through lost boyfriends and being a roller derby queen, and there are stories of people who have little in some ways, but so much in others.  There is a never ending amount of lessons to be learned in life, it seems, and hearing other people’s stories and what they believe in has really set me to thinking about my life and how to keep bettering it.  It seems to come down to generosity and simple living (if there is such a thing, oy vey).  Here is a little motto from the mother of one of the essayists that helped form her credo:

Use it up.

Wear it out.

Make it do.

Or do without.

Something we can all consider.

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