What we love about Western Massachusetts: Clarkdale Fruit Farms

We happen to live in a very pretty and somewhat overlooked corner of the Northeast. Many folks know about the Berkshires, but there’s more to Western Massachusetts than that. Just because we’d love for you to come visit us sometime, we are going to share occasional posts highlighting some of our favorite local spots and hidden gems.

First up: Clarkdale Fruit Farms in Deerfield.

It’s nestled in this perfectly beautiful little valley, and looking at the trees ranging over the hills in rows, I always think of  the way the trees look in Virginia Lee Burton’s illustration of “The Little House.”

Everything is a bit weathered, not a lot of fixing and primping goes on. The barns are old and red, as barns should be.

Starting in August and straight through November, we drive up most weekends. The drive is lovely–but it’s the apples, pears, sour cherries, and peaches that we’re addicted to. They’re spectacular, and are grown in many varieties. Right now, I’m devouring the Macoun apples, and always get the Northern Spies for Thanksgiving pies. If you can snag a half-gallon of their pear cider in early November, you will feel very lucky.

See the Clarkdale website here.

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