The ultra-low-budget way to globe-hop

Browsing blogs in languages I don’t understand is like getting lost in a foreign city, and I really love it. One blog I especially like to get lost in is called Olof Jakobina (i’m omitting the little glyphs above the letters because i don’t have a clue how to make them) and it’s by a stylish Icelander. Check out the way the bedsprings are used in this photo. Bright, right?

photo: Olof Jakobina

There’a a French blog I discovered lately…felicie a paris. I like to peek in and see this blogger’s latest knit and sewn creations, photographed in a perfectly old and airy Paris apartment.

photo: felicie a paris.

Scandinavians were born to blog, it seems. There are so many good ones. For gorgeous photos of Swedish landscapes and Swedish babies (including one tiny swede named Elton),  there’s En Bulle Ur Ugnen (which could mean “a bun in the oven”? I’m guessing. I never use auto-translate because that would ruin the whole experience, i think).

photo: En Bulle Ur Ugnen

There’s something really enjoyable about going back to that childhood state where it’s all about looking at the pictures, trying to decipher a few words, and using your imagination to fill in the gaps. Know what i mean?

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