Pressing apples

A couple weeks ago, Ryan Marshall of the fantastic blog Pacing the Panic Room, came back to our place to film us pressing apples on our century old and big apple press.  For those of you who don’t know, my husband is a cider maker (the hard kind) and we, along with my Father-in-Law, are starting up Carr’s Ciderhouse: a hard cider company.  We will be selling locally this year and then casting our net farther as we get bigger.  Ryan was the artist behind our book trailer- which should be out soonish- and just a really inspired and genuine fella.

The video he created is beautiful and gives you a good feeling of what happens when we press apples.  Yesterday we pressed 300 gallons in basically the same way, though there was no slow motion.  At all.  He posted it on his website here, and also submitted it to Kinfolk, an online and printed magazine celebrating small gatherings.  It is a beautiful magazine and worth bookmarking and reading every issue.

We will be having barn sales for the cider prior to the holidays and if you are local, I hope you will come on by. I will keep you posted.  If I can get it together, I will also be selling sewn goodies if you are looking for some gifts.  I figure that if I put that in writing, I will be more likely to make it happen.  Of course, it is cider season, so we’ll see.

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