tutorial: the humble wooden spoon gets fancy

Hey, need an idea for gifts your kids can make?  Actually, anyone would want to make this super satisfying craft and anyone who spends any time in the kitchen would love to receive them.  You will need to have a wood burner on hand but don’t fret, they can be purchased at the craft store quite cheaply if you get those 40% coupons (about $8).  And why wouldn’t you want to have a wood burner, anyway?  There are so many things you can burn with them that you will get to satisfy all of those 70s summer camp craft cravings.  And next week I will post about macrame.

Wood Burned Spoons

What you’ll need:

  1.  wooden spoons (we used bamboo this time)
  2. wood burner


  1. If you want, lightly draw your design on the spoon with pencil (we didn’t, but this will help bulk out the directions)
  2. Let the burner heat up and test it on a scrap piece of wood.
  3. Draw on the wood with the burner. Move slowly and steadily.  You will get the hang of it quickly.  I would definitely suggest trying it out on some scrap wood.

I forgot to take a shot of his after he finished.  It had smiley faces and was very cute.

A word on safety: This tool gets VERY HOT! It can give you a nasty (albeit small) burn and kids should be taught to use it safely.  Harry has burned himself on it before and it hurt.  He did not, however, burn himself this time. He really understood- this time – that even though you might wonder just how hot the metal gets, you must take your Mama’s word for it and not “accidentally” touch it to see for yourself.  If you know what I mean. It wasn’t the end of the world.  It is worth it.  I wouldn’t leave him alone with it, of course.

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4 thoughts on “tutorial: the humble wooden spoon gets fancy

  1. We’re on spoon 3 of 8 for teacher presents. Had to upgrade our wood burner from beginner to the mightier dial o’ temp version and splurged on a fancy tip!
    Great idea-just in time. Thanks!

    • I got the spoons at the dreaded Bed Bath and Beyond. They have bamboo packs that we used and we also like the Calphalon brand ones- you just need to sand off the brand name on those.

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