tutorial: birch ornaments

Spoiler alert!!!! If you are a person who may be a regular recipient of gifts from me, please leave the page and come back next week. I love you.

If you have taken my advice and started wood burning spoons, you might have noticed how fun it is.  Well, here is a project that is so fun you will have to get someone handy with a saw to cut you loads and loads of birch discs. Sorry to seem girly here, but I did have Jonny cut birch logs up for me.  Yes, I could have done it myself, just like he could sew something if he wanted to.  So, Jonny pulled a nice small log from our wood pile and cut them into thin discs with a table saw.

I know, it looks like he might cut off his hand at any moment.  It crossed my mind too. And then it crossed it again. He told me to remind y’all to use the blade guard if you do this.

It was lovely and cold that morning, which seemed to go with the birch just right.

We all made many of these with our handy wood burner.  Do go back to my last post on making spoons to get a look at the tool. I found that working on the flat disc of wood was even easier than the spoon handle.  If you barely put pressure on the tool, you can draw smooth lines that are quite light and subtle.  if you want to deepen the burn, then just go over the line slowly again.  I think the trick is to move slowly, in general.

Ava's poem

We mostly made designs or objects, but here, Ava inscribed a part of a poem she recently wrote. I’m keeping this one.

A design-y one by Jonny

This one that Jonny made was done by simply holding the tip of the burner down until it made a nice black dot.  As you can see, less pressure made less of a black dot.

I made this more whimsical one for my friend Maddie that hosts the MOST AMAZING gingerbread house making party EVER.  I gave it to her last night at the party.  I will be writing about that party on my other blog in the next day or two so go have a look.  Did I say how freakin’ AMAZING it is?

WE (yes, the royal one) drilled holes in the discs and strung them with twine.  We will hang some on our tree (we made about 25 and they are all different) and give the rest to our dear ones.

Go forth! Burn some birch!

Have a great week, everyone!


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