darning the sofa

Every time Debra and I go to North Adams to meet with our editor at Storey, we come home with armloads of truly fantastic books (a perk of being a Storey author that is NOT lost on me).  I have books that have informed our pig care and grain growing, to ones that encourage my dreams of making cheese and my own beauty products.  The very latest one that I was handed was this:

A must have for the frugal gal

Mend It Better: creative Patching, Darning, and Stitching, by Kristin M. Roach. The cover is padded, which is so cool, and it is FILLED with really practical and pretty ideas.  It will teach you to fix a button hole and a zipper, but I really appreciate the creative mending which ultimately makes something old look even better than before- certainly more original.

We were all hanging out in the living room yesterday drawing (Ava), lego-ing (Harry) and designing cider labels (Jonny) when I realized that the ripped arms of our 15 year old cotton covered sofa could be sewn up right then and there  in my favorite style- whip stitches and Xs.  I have always complained a lot about my sofa because it is a mish mash of cushions and it is stained and ripped, the bones are creaky, and sometimes it seems much less than comfortable.  I know I could make it better but I have been unsure about how much time and money I want to sink into the project.  I also know we won’t be getting a new sofa any time soon so I have decided to start loving it again.  This was step one: darning.

It was so much fun that I couldn’t stop adding cute little Xs.  I figured they would add stability to the fabric.  I think I need to add a patch to the front corners as stitching was a little tricky there.  I should probably stitch over those stains too.  I did this while sitting on the sofa without removing the slip cover.  I stuck  a pen in the hole to make sure the stitches weren’t going into the actual sofa, which was successful.

Then I grabbed another color and stitched the big crotch rip of my only comfortable pair of jeans.  Took 5 minutes, if that.

And, of course, I added a few Xs to make it look intentional.

Thank you, Kristen Roach, for getting me off my “darned” butt. Snort.

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9 thoughts on “darning the sofa

  1. oh wow! coincidentally, i was just thinking last night that i need to finally mend these two sad tears in our leather ottoman. i have been putting it off because i was thinking it will be impossible for me to make it look good and suddenly had a revelation that i could do it in a decorative way using a teal wool. the Xs on your sofa are a great inspiration! thanks!!

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