Setting up a book tour…

So yesterday Nicole and I had a fabulous lunch (at the Green Bean right here in beautiful downtown Northampton–go) with our fellow Western Mass resident and Storey author Kari Chapin. We were so lucky to be able to pick the brains of the whipsmart author of the super-successful book The Handmade Marketplace and the forthcoming (in July) Grow Your Handmade Business.

Kari gave us a ton of great suggestions for getting the word out about our own book (no! you don’t know what i’m talking about?). We are currently on the prowl for crafty venues, awesome thrift stores, fabric and sewing shops, and craft-oriented bookstores that might like to host a demo, class, or signing. We’ve already got dates in the Denver area, we’re working on the Bay Area and New York, and we’re hoping to hit Austin, the DC/Baltimore area, Boston, and heck, any other place that will have us. Do you know of a likely spot? The suggestion box is open, below! Help us and you will be richly rewarded.*

*With our undying gratitude and, if we end up booking an event, something stitched and beautiful, mailed directly to your home.

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5 thoughts on “Setting up a book tour…

  1. If your travel plans will bring you down South, I’d love to host an event at my new sewing and craft studio in Gainesville, FL called Sew Make Do. Feel free to email me at sewmakedo(at) P.S. I love the Pioneer Valley and can’t wait to be there again in May for my 15th college reunion. I will definitely be stopping in at Pinch and Thorne’s in Noho to do some shopping while I’m there. Yay for local artists!

    • Kim, your studio looks awesome. Congratulations and best of luck with it! We will definitely keep this in mind as we plan our tour…and yes, the Pioneer Valley is pretty amazing. Glad you’ll get to make a return trip! Thanks a million for your suggestion and for stopping by.

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