Improv Sewing Book Trailer

You may have noticed that some books, these days, have trailers.  Our book does and it sort of gives me that feeling I occasionally get that makes me thankful that I live in the here and now.  Similar to the feeling I get when I read historical fiction — it heightens my gladdness to be a modern woman who can vote, has reproductive choice, has a pressure cooker (seems modern to me, in an old fashioned sort of way), and can do whatever I set my mind to doing. Well, there was a time when you had to go to a book store or library to find out about books.  There was a time when your local newspaper might let you know about some bestsellers, and if a local author published something you might hear about that too.  And now, well, you know, we’ve got the information highway! Of course, we want to make our book easy to find for everyone who is interested in sewing, do-it-yourself lifestyle, and general craftiness — and with the help of tools like social media and completely amazing videos produced by the likes of Ryan Marshall (with the excellent supervision of art director Leslie Charles), we’ve got a leg up.

Please have a look and, if you like it, tell your friends and readers.  Maybe pre-order the book —  it’s only around $11-12 bucks at the pre-order price — for 101 projects. A deal. Then, of course head over to Pacing The Panic Room, Ryan’s awesome blog, and then over to Storey Publishing to see what is coming down the pike.

We hope it speaks to you and gets you excited to do some improv sewing!

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