tutorial: simply sewn canvas easter basket

Of course, it is a little funny that this Jewish girl would want to post an Easter project.  I guess it is more like a Spring Celebration basket, where you put little bunnies and chocolate eggs.  Since there is everything to love about spring, celebrations are in order, and around here we do that with both Passover and Easter- both done in our secular way. Debra and I were talking about a fun spin on one of our book projects for this lovely blooming season, and this is one of the things I came up with.  

It will eventually be filled with treats and given to a child of mine, but I don’t have those treats yet, so basket a la carte. As you can see, I simply used the stitches on my machine to decorate the basket, which I think is very easter egg-y and sweet.  If you are interested in trying it out yourself, here are my directions:

Things you’ll need:

– canvas

– scissors

– a few pretty thread colors


1. Cut a circle of canvas the size you would like the footprint of the basket to be.  I used a jumbo roll of tape to create that circle- it’s about 6″ wide.

Cut a length of canvas so it is as tall as you desire your basket to be and a few inches longer than the circumference of your basket base.

2. This long strip can be decorated any way you like.  I decided to use a variety of machine stitches in different colors and I like it very much.  It was fast and brainless- what’s not to like about that. Below you can see how I started along the frayed top edge of the strip.  A zigzag and a few meandering lines of my machine’s straight stretch stitch.

And here is after I decorated the strip as much as I wanted.

3. Now it’s time to sew the base to the top, and it is also very simple- no pins needed. The seam is going to be on the outside, so align the bottom edge of the basket, to the basket base like this: 

Now sew the basket top along the bottom edge, to the basket bottom’s edge- ALL THE WAY AROUND.

You can see I have more than a few inches extra. I just cut it off so it overlapped about 1″ and then sewed it down from the top of the basket, to the base. Like this:

4. Now make a handle so that bunny has something to hold onto.

I cut two lengths of 1″ wide canvas and sewed them together so they would be more rigid. I simply stitched a zig zag up one side and down the other.  I hope the edges of the canvas will fray nicely.

Now pin the ends of the straps into position and sew them on.  I sewed a box and then decided to scribble little circles inside the box- just felt like it.  It will make that handle indestructible, of course.

I had a lot of ideas on how I might want decorate this basket- thread draw little bunnies, simple egg shapes, an initial, etc. Maybe the next one I make will be different.  If it is, I’ll share that.

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