Why we love Western Massachusetts: the New England springtime

Nicole and I live in a part of the world that’s a little bit of a secret–the slice of Western Massachusetts that’s not all the way east (Boston area) and not all the way west (the Berkshires). The nickname for it is “Paradise” …and it lives up to that name much of the time. Every so often, we just want to share a little reason why it’s a place you need to know about.

And so we bring you….springtime in New England!

It begins by dark, on the first rainy night when the temperature reaches 45 degrees F. That’s when the salamanders start trekking from their lairs to the vernal pools in the woods. They close down the roads around here so the critters don’t get squashed, and people go out with flashlights and rain gear to see them on the move…

Soon after, it’s April and blossom time…forsythia and crocus, then cherries and daffodils. The nights still get pretty cool, so the blossoms stick around a while…and they are over-the-top beautiful.

Right now, we’re just seeing the first few voilets appear in the lawn. Are purple or white better? I can never decide.

In May, the tulips and lilacs arrive and we’re enjoying huge bouquets in the house.

Right around late May or early June, we’re rolling in asparagus (or Hadley grass, as it’s sometimes called around here, because it grows like crazy in Nicole’s hometown of Hadley) and strawberries.

By this point, the woods are really leafing out, and the ferns are popping up.

And if we’re really lucky, our spring will be ultra-complete when a robin builds its nest in one of the shrubs in the yard.

So that’s how we get through the long winters…with a spring that makes it all worthwhile.

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5 thoughts on “Why we love Western Massachusetts: the New England springtime

  1. And in Hadley, the wind picks up and the topsoil blows into my house, but the peepers peep and the air smells like earth and there is such promise- and extra vacuuming.

  2. Oh, how I miss springtime in Northampton! It was always so magical to see the scillas and snowdrops poke their heads above the snow, and then the carpets of narcissus and tulips. Can’t wait to be back there again in May for my college reunion!

    • Kim, how fun to come back for a reunion… I bet you’ll find it hasn’t changed too much. At least I hope you’ll like what you find! If by any chance you’ll be here the weekend of May 11, please come to our launch party in Northampton’s Ode boutique (we’ll be posting more about it this week). We’d love to say hi in person!

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