Book Tour Part 1

We are heading west during the first week of May with boxes of our new book and hope to see you and your friends at one of the following fun hands-on events that we have planned.  Do spread the word to any West Coast folks that might be interested and visit our facebook page here to find out about all of our news and events that are coming up.

  1. On May 1, we will be at Fancy Tiger in Denver, from 6-9.  We will demo how to make a pattern based on your favorite t-shirt, and then use that pattern to make other shirts, tunics, and dresses.  There will be treats and time to hang out.  Sounds like a party, really!  This place looks super cool! Free!
  2. On May 2, we will be going to the PBS station in Golden, CO to be on Sew It All TV.  We will let you know when  it will be aired.  Check out your local PBS station to see if they carry the show.
  3. On May 3, we will be in California and heading up to Santa Rosa to Share Exchange, for an evening event from 6-8.  We will be demonstrating how to draw with thread with sewing machines and will have a few machines on hand so you can make a project to take home with you. This is a free event, but Share Exchange would gladly accept any donation to help keep their amazing organization running.
  4. On May 4, we will be at the mind blowing Britex Fabrics in downtown San Francisco for a fun event from 2-4.  There will be machines on the ready and all the materials needed to make our dot scarf, which is showcased on the cover of our book!  Folks can sign up for a time slot for a demo and support while you get started on you project.  I believe that Food Blogger Anita from Dessert First will whipping up some sensational treats for everyone too. Free.
  5. On May 5, we will be in Nicole’s hometown of Sacramento at an awesome spot called Bows and Arrows Collective.  This event will be a sort of crafty Happy Hour where there will be a demo on Drawing With Thread, a chance for you all to sit down at machines and make a project, and some cocktail specials from their bar.  How fun does that sound?! Come! It’s free!
  6. On May 6, from 12-7, we will have tables set up with machines to play on at The Vagabond Craft Fair in San Francisco. There will be demonstrations and one-on-one guidance and a free make-and-take project.

And, of course, we will be selling Improv Sewing at every one of these events !!! We can sign them too- if you want to see us blush.

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4 thoughts on “Book Tour Part 1

    • Elizabeth, we will be in Washington DC on May 19 and 20 …see the locations and times on our Facebook page. Any chance you can make it up there? We would love to see you! If not, if you have a venue that you think would be a good stop in your area, please let us know and we’ll see if we can set something up…

  1. I was almost being sarcastic – nothing comes here – except for Virginia Tech fans!! Would love to head to DC, but most likely we’ll be busy with soccer games and the like here! Hope the tour is a blast for you all!

    • d’oh! I missed the sarcasm! And I do love a good sarcastic comment (and I mean that earnestly!). It would be fun for us to drive around the south, stitching and meeting…and eating! We’ll put that on our wish list.

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