Britex Make and Take

At each and every event on our tour, we will be demonstrating different projects and techniques from Improv Sewing.  Last night I was preparing for a dot scarf make and take that we will be doing at Britex in San Francisco on Friday, May 4 from 2-4.  I had to share these stacks of cut circles.  They remind me of macaron. I was cutting and cutting while watching Juno with my daughter – she loved it but didn’t really want to talk about it much afterwards- tired.  I was all ready to talk about reproductive rights, the creepy/appealing boy-man who thinks he wants to be 16 again with Juno, uh, teen sex.  Oh well. I got a ton done!

Back to Britex – participants will be able to choose the dots they want to sew onto their jersey scarves- mixy matchy. Tell your SF people if you aren’t lucky enough to live in that gorgeous part of the world yourself! And as Debra likes to note, there will be cookies!

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2 thoughts on “Britex Make and Take

  1. Hi – I’ll certainly try to stop by on Friday! In the meantime, I was curious about how you cut out your circles. Do you use a die-cutting tool (like a Cuttlebug) or do it freehand? I’m currently cutting out shapes by hand for some sewing projects and am looking for tips on which (if any) die-cutting tools can handle thicker fabrics/knits. Thanks!

    • Hi Usha,
      We cut most of the circles for our Britex event by hand, folding the fabric to cut a few at a time…but recently I got a rotary circle cutter, ordered from amazon. This is a nifty gizmo that’s kind of a cross between a rotary cutter and a compass. It works really well on jersey and is a great help to a scissors klutz like me. If you cut a ton of circles, might be worth it…costs less than $20. Hope to see you on Friday!

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