At Fancy Tiger Crafts in Denver

What a day!  We got on a plane in Connecticut this morning, had lunch in Boulder- right at the base of the majestic Rockies- and then walked into this amazing shop for our tour’s debut this evening.

Fancy Tiger. This is the kind of store that every city and town should have.  It is chock full of materials of the nicest quality and people who can help you choose what you need to make any crafty thing you want (and a community crafting table and a sewing studio).

Oh, what do I see there on the table near the mason jar sewing kits? Oh, it’s a sign for our book, that’s all.  No really, there is nothing like seeing a poster for your actual book that is actually for sale right there in front of you.  We were happy women walking in there.  But a little curious (okay, maybe I mean worried)  about how the event would go.

Our event was scheduled for 6 o’clock, which was also the time that the open craft night started, which took place at this table:

Crafty men and women (yes, I did say men) sat here for hours with the projects they brought from home.  It had a great feeling.  But we were in the sewing studio a little further down the hall with all of these people:

Debra, in her adorable wool dress (that she made last week) was making them all smile.  I was taking the picture and feeling relieved and giddy that our t-shirt to pattern to dress demonstration went off without a hitch.  They all bought books!!!!! They seemed really into the whole concept of improvisation- hungry for it, even.  And that felt great to us.

I even got to sew the dress on this machine, which is the machine I sew on at home.  They all had the names of the shop’s employees first pet. This was  Lollipop.

Thank you Fancy Tiger Crafts!  What a pleasure it was.

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12 thoughts on “At Fancy Tiger Crafts in Denver

  1. You guys! I ran right home and made the most adorable dress! I’m a fast sewer and still my husband commented on quickly I made the dress. I’ve been pouring over the book and it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. And I really appreciate all the home dec ideas since I’ll be moving soon I know I’ll be able to decorate my new apartment just to my taste and on the cheap. I’ll send pics of my new creations soon.

  2. I waited a billion years from the day I ordered your book until the day it arrived… What a great book! Oh, I love this book and the lovely bloomer pattern.

    • Rebecca, we are so, so glad you like the book and think it was worth the wait! Thanks for letting us know–that feedback means so much. Please post a photo on our improv sewing Facebook page when you’ve made those bloomers…and if you feel like it, we’d be so grateful if you would share your thoughts on the book in an amazon review. Every little bit helps! Happy stitching!

  3. got the book yesterday….. i LOVE it and can’t wait to make some patterns and get started. i looked around for a flickr group where folks could show off what they’ve made and didn’t see one!!??

    • Howdy, Elizabeth! So glad you like the book now that you have it in hand…we do have a Facebook page and you can post pics there….
      And please do post, because we are so excited to see what you’ve done! A flickr group is a great idea, so when we have a sec (they are in short supply at the moment!), we’ll set one up…we love flickr too.

  4. I usually turn to flickr to see finished photos of popular patterns (by sew liberated or make it perfect – even quilting patterns) b/c there are always a ton of tips people will post – or they’ll link back to their blog where they write a little more about the process. i see you made a photostream on flickr – but i think that’s just for you – an account for you to post your images. that’s good b/c you have to be a flickr member to create a group. you do that by going to your account and looking for “group” at the top. when you pull that down, you’ll see the option to create a group. hope that helps. i rarely use facebook and would think more folks would want to see your patterns on flickr – especially on different body types.

    • Elizabeth, thank you so much for this info. I don’t know much about flickr and it wasn’t super clear to me when i set it up. There is nothing better than when someone takes your hand!

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