sewing together

We have learned so much during the two weeks since the publication of Improv Sewing. When you put creative work out into the world, it’s pretty amazing what comes back to you. Some of it is so enlightening. Here’s what has really struck me…that it is so much fun to create together. 

I am a writer, and so naturally I’ve always thought of creating as a solitary pursuit. Even though Nicole and I worked on the book together for a long time, we didn’t really CREATE together that much…instead, we kind of passed the work back and forth like a virtual football. She’d be at her house, I’d be at mine. There were Google Docs flying through space. We’d meet, talk stuff over, then go back and write or sew in our own homes again.

Now we’re out there sewing with groups of friends–new friends, old friends, people we know very well and people we don’t know a bit.

And it’s just incredibly satisfying to sit down together and make something…it’s like an instant way to bond, or to reconnect.

About a month ago, we had an evening of sewing with good friends to test out some of the projects we were planning for our book tour events.

Then on the road, we stitched with new friends in Denver…

in Santa Rosa…


And in San Francisco…

And finally, back home in Western Massachusetts, at our lovely book launch party at the Northampton boutique Ode this past weekend.

I guess we’re just discovering that improv sewing really lends itself to sewing with others, since the process is as meaningful as the results. It’s a community-builder. We’re all in it together when we sit down at that stitching table, and we ‘re cheering each other on, and it’s just a much more fun and fulfilling than sitting at home, sweating the small stuff and cursing and grumbling at the machine.  Yeah, that’s another thing…my language is much less rude when I’m sewing with others…when I sew alone, I swear like a sailor.

If you’d like to sew together with us, we have two events coming up this weekend. If you’re in DC, MD, or VA, come and see what we’re getting at here. We’d love to meet you.

Make-and-Take Thread Drawing Workshop

Trohv, 232 Carroll Street NW, Washington, DC 

Sat May 19,  2 to 4 pm  

Learn how to draw with a sewing machine, (beginners welcome!), create a piece of canvas art for your home–and eat, drink, and check out the beautiful home goods shop Trohv, in the Takoma Park section of Washington, DC.

Find out more at


Scribble on Your Clothes — and Learn How to Make a Dress Pattern 

Bits of Thread Studio, 1794 Columbia Rd, NW Suite #6, Washington, DC.

 Sunday, May 20, 10 am to 12 pm  

Bring a plain tee to this fun free workshop (or come without and try our techniques on plain fabric that we’ll supply). You’ll learn how to dress up your look with thread–no experience necessary! We’ll also demonstrate how to create a perfectly fitting dress by simply tracing a t-shirt. Sign up at http:\\

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6 thoughts on “sewing together

  1. I should just call you and tell you how much i love this post, Debra, but here I am and the bus is about to come for Harry and I know we have much to discuss, so I am commenting. your words are so true! xoxox

    • Debbie, as I’ve often said, if I can do it, anyone can–seriously!! Oh, and thank you for gracing our blog with your lovely self (seated at the machine in the last photo above, for all you others).

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