improv sewing in the nation’s capital

Thank you everyone who came to stitch with us and check out Improv Sewing in Washington, DC. We LOVED Trohv (couldn’t resist doing a bit of gift shopping while we were there) and though it was a gorgeous Saturday afternoon, we still lured in a bunch of very enthusiastic stitchers who sat down and tried their hands at drawing on a sewing machine. Now they’ll never stop! Shots above show the scene, including a certain patient boy who constructed a very cool car while his mom helped other folks get creative…

At Bits of Thread on Sunday morning, we had a packed workshop that kept us so busy that damn, we forgot to take pictures! Too bad, because lots of really sweet pebbled tee shirts were made. Hey, if you were there, send us a shot of yours–we’d love to post it. Thank you SO very much to everyone who came to meet us and dive into a little improv sewing. It was such a pleasure meeting you! By the way, if you are in DC and into sewing or just curious about it, you have to check out Bits of Thread…a friendly, welcoming studio for learning or refining your skills. They have about 14 classes we’d love to take.

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