tutorial: window screen sewing

Uh oh.  I think I might be sewing a lot of window screen in the near future. Huh?

One of the benefits of being someone who crafts for a living, is that there are all sorts of materials stuffed in closets and drawers.  Yesterday I came across a roll of window screen and I can’t even remember what in the world I used it for but it gave me an idea. And, in order to keep myself off the computer this afternoon when the kids got home (I’m really trying to keep it to a minimum) I sat down next to Ava on the sofa with a piece of window screen and some embroidery thread and got busy.  This is what I made:

I made it for Ava and her burgeoning jewelry collection and I am pleased. So is she. I would say that it is a great fabric for kids to sew with, but those thin pieces of metal break easily and are VERY pokey.  Some blood was shed, but I would do it again. I would just suggest being careful. No biggie. This is how I did it, but it can be done any way you want.

1) I cut a piece of screen and then folded the edges twice in attempt to seal in the pokey raw edge (a double hem of sorts).  I did this the whole way around.

2) I sewed a running stitch all the way around, securing the “hem” in place. It is so easy to stitch through the screen, even when it’s folded and looks impenetrable. It’s not.

3) I wanted a little something to hang necklaces from so I folded up a length of screen twice and then cut it to the length I wanted.  i figured that it should be near the top because the necklaces would hang, but I kept it to one half so there would still be a place for the earrings. Then, I sewed it with another color embroidery thread with horizontal stitches.  This was just for fun – any stitch will do.  I knotted them at the back.

4) I completely forgot to photograph the little hanger loops, but they are made, as you can see, the same way as the necklace hanging piece – just a length of screen folded up.  I made these thin and folded the double folded length in half (is that clear?). I wanted it to be narrow but thick and strong.  They were also attached with some stitches and I offset the ends so the loop opened flat against the wall.

It was very satisfying to make.  The big needle sewed that stuff effortlessly and never got caught up.  The material itself is, of course, a bit rigid and the possibilities for what can be assembled are great.
I know exactly what I want to make next with screen – a food dome (only it might not be a dome) and an outdoor candle holder/lantern, and, and …



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One thought on “tutorial: window screen sewing

  1. Ooh…what an addictive new material for sewing projects (yes, worth a tiny bit of bloodshed)…I love this especially because it makes me think of summer and screen doors slamming, so it will be an especially happy thing to see hanging in your house during our long winters! And I can’t wait to see the food cover…I need one of those.
    Ave, love your flower earrings.

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