5 illuminating things we’ve learned this month

Whew. June is only half over. And much has happened to your humble improv sewists.  So, here are a few things we’ve learned in the last few weeks:

1. Beautiful things are worth your time. Even though we were facing a mountain of work and preparation for momentous family events and book doings, we stole a few moments to see the Japanese lantern illumination that has happened every graduation weekend on the campus of Smith College for over a century. It was a perfect, perfect evening, and the best way you could imagine to start your summer, or, if you’re a grad, to get you on your way into a new life.

2. That famous fabric store Mood is every bit as awesome as it looks on Project Runway. We shopped at this incredible NYC store to pick up fabric for a big upcoming adventure (see below). Unbelievable selection…truly, every fabric you’ve ever dreamed of, and plenty you never knew about…cashmere jersey, anyone? But the coolest thing about it was how sweet and helpful the staff was. Hoisting huge bolts of fabric, cutting all day long, dealing with dazzled, indecisive sewists….and they never even scowled SLIGHTLY. We were seriously impressed, Mood.

3. Dreams come true, and they do it with interesting and unexpected twists.  A writer dreams of crowded book signings, and I, Debra, am a writer, so yes, I admit it, I dreamed of crowded book signings for my first novel. Instead, I got this….for a sewing book. Never could have predicted it, and if it wasn’t amazing and wonderful to show up backstage last week at the author autographing area at BookExpo America with our great publicist Alee guiding us…

…and to step out from behind the curtain to see a long line of people waiting….

…with little post-it notes in hand so we’d spell their names right….

…as we signed copies of our book. Sigh. It was one of those times when life gives you a kiss. And it was great to hear all their stories, see all those smiles, and learn all those people’s names. People who stitch are generally terrific.

Below you see the dude whose job it was to bring out more copies. And also Leslie, our friend and Storey Publishing marketing whiz, who was responsible for our book trailer, among other things. We gave away every last copy in the place, and like to think of them helping folks across the nation make beautiful stuff.

4. Toilet paper makes a great party even greater. Just before the book expo, we hosted a big, big family occasion with a big party. It was beautiful, love-filled, and most of all, it was FUN. The toilet paper kicked it up to crazy fun. Here, cousins and friends get on the dance floor, with TP:

Yes, it was wasteful. But damn, it was fun.

5. If at all possible, say yes when a door opens. 

Our plates were already feeling mighty full, but then this happened. The lovely, lovely folks at Creativebug,  the new site for online craft classes, called to ask Nicole and I to do some workshops with them. And that’s where we are, in sunny (steamy!) San Francisco, at their offices in the Mission district (I think it was the Mission district?) –it was a cool neighborhood anyhow, and the offices were bright and filled with crafty stuff.

The amazingly kind and talented Courtney made a gorgeous backdrop for the set from ripped-up bedsheets, and we stepped up there to doing a little improv sewing for an excellent, incredibly hard-working crew. We’ll let you know when these classes go live, but in the meantime, you won’t be sad if you go check out what they’ve already got going on.

Illuminating? Yes.

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3 thoughts on “5 illuminating things we’ve learned this month

  1. wonderful list! I am excited to check out Creativebug. And thrilled, as a Smith College Class of 2001 grad, to read your first illuminating entry. (Great pictures, too – I’ve tried to take a good pic of the lanterns, one that captures their fairy-magic and that also isn’t horribly blurred, at every graduation and reunion I’ve ever been to, to no avail…)

    btw I learned of you guys from Catherine’s blog, and just ordered your book, can’t wait for it to come!


    • Thanks, Alison! Let us know when you sew something. Can’t wait to see what you do. Especially since you’re a Smith grad…which means you must be smart and talented!

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