packing tape image transfer

I don’t know if you have signed up for Creativebug yet, or have had a chance to check it out, but I would give you a little shove if I was standing next to you, make you a tall cool drink of something and watch the kids while you had a peek.  I would. Everyone who likes to learn new things will LOVE this site for all of its inspiring projects, the beautiful production, and simply how real the instructors are- true to their art and passions.  Convinced?

Debra and I were out there a couple weeks ago filming a series of workshops based on Improv Sewing projects and we got to work with some pretty awesome folks while we sweated our livers clean in the hot SF climate (No light sweater needed, apparently!). Our director was Courtney Cerruti, and lucky for you all, she also teaches workshops on their site and today I am going to tell you about the one I watched recently.  Of course, I didn’t just watch, but also MADE something, and then made some more, and then did the technique with 9 kids at our “Socialist Friend Camp”. Packing tape image transfer – or, as the kids started calling it, sticker making. In her image transfer workshop she teaches a bunch of techniques, but I will give you a peek at this one and then, when you realize how much more you need of this in your life, you can head over there and sign up – then you’ll have access to crazy amounts of fun and inspired workshops to feed your creative bug.

Packing tape image transfer only requires what you most likely already have at home – packing tape,  magazines you are willing to cut up, and a wooden spoon.  I encourage one and all to head over to Courtney’s workshop to learn how this magic is made, along with a lot of other creativity sparking techniques.

Take a cool image from a magazine like this one:

And then you get this:

There are a ton of ways you can apply these strips of images – sky’s the limit.  Add them to artist trading cards, gift wrap, mixed media art pieces, cards, etc. Ava made this one:

and then cut out the image and stuck it to a paint chip strip, which will become the cover of a little book.

Because they are transparent, they can be added to art as a layer.  You can draw or paint or write and then lay they image right over it. I made this strip, and then stuck it to the cover of a simple sewn book I made that was vellum.  I really love the jars in this image and thought they would be perfect for filling.  So I filled them with important things.

I wrote on the paper under the vellum cover (messily, but I wasn’t done)

Then, when the book was closed, those scratchings were visible.

All ages can do this, and it is really fun to do with your kids.

They were completely addicted and made these for over an hour!  I just kept them fed.  They needed no real help, even the 6 year old.

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