Marimekko on my feet

So a while back I posted about how I added a little Scandinavian something to the curtains in my bathroom with a scrap of Marimekko fabric:

Now, how many people can say that they have shoes to match their curtains? Not many. Probably a good thing. But {sigh} I just couldn’t resist these Converse sneakers, on sale for $45 at the Marimekko online store.

I was happily surprised that they came with that awesome drawstring bag (practically $20 bucks worth of pricey Finnish finery right there!) AND an alternate pair of laces in a contrasty yellow to match the lining. Nice.

I’m thinking of hitting up the brand-new brick-and-mortar Marimekko shop in Boston (opening today!) and when I do, I’ll be sporting these babies. And maybe one day I’ll pull a Scarlett O’Hara and make a dress out of those bathroom curtains to complete the ensemble.

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8 thoughts on “Marimekko on my feet

    • of course you would! My mom outfitted my room with Marimekko bedspreads when I was a kid. So maybe it’s a total nostalgia thing for me…but I just love the stuff.

  1. i just wanted to tell you both that i love your book! first i got it from the library, then i decided i had to have it, so i bought a copy…it’s great! i so “get” what you’re both doing with the improvisational sewing style! i’ve always been a kind of fly-by-the-seat -of-my-pants sewer and crafter, and it was so nice to see a book that treated sewing like it’s fun, and not like you have to go through all of the usual pattern-deciphering crap that is usually presented. i sew a lot, and believe me, some patterns really take the fun right out of it, i tell ya! thanx for making an enjoyable and useful book. i’ll be looking forward to the next one!
    take care!

    • Debra, thank you so much for this amazing feedback. We are really, really happy that you like the book, and that you “get” it!! So nice of you to stop by and let us know. You made our weekend! Don’t forget–if you make something from the book, post a pic in our Improv Sewing Projects Flickr group (there’s a link in the sidebar).
      Oh, and if you have a sec, please go review the book on Amazon. Every little bit helps! Happy stitching!
      Debra (i like your name too, obviously)

      • i already gave the book a rave review over at my book club, crafters choice (just so you know!) and i will def shoot over to amazon to help spread the word as well. it’s not often i find a sewing book i like so well, so i like to let people know…so many people are terrified of sewing, and come on! it’s just some fabric and thread, folks…if you make a boo-boo the world will not end! i did check out the flickr group, and i’ve already made the 4-panel dress (with my own little twist ‘course!) and remade a cowl neck top into a cardigan, based on inspiration from the book…just haven’t gotten around to posting yet! keep up the good work!
        take care!

    • Thanks, Debra, again! And yeah,we just want people would realize that there are different ways to approach sewing…just as there are so many different ways to paint, or sculpt…and yes, mistakes are ok too! That’s one of the reasons we really love sewing with less-pricey fabrics like canvas or jersey or muslin…and I really love sewing on cardstock and vellum too. If sewing stresses you out, just lower the stakes, right? And the great thing is that you end up making REALLY beautiful stuff! Can’t wait to see your dress and cardigan! –d

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