3 reasons to love painter’s tape

I adore painter’s tape. Maybe I’m the noncommittal type, but the lack of stick just makes me happy. It’s never forever when you use painter’s tape! And it’s just so useful–even at the sewing table…the three pointers below are just the tip of the tape iceberg.

1. Sew straighter. If the seam allowance markings on your machine are tiny or hard to see, align a length of tape with the marking you’ll need to use, and extend it down to the front of your machine to use an easy guide for your fabric. (Make sure to press the tape on firmly and smooth down its edges so nothing will interfere with the fabric as it flows by).

2. Reduce confusion. In our Improv Sewing projects, we sew a lot with knits, and it’s not always so easy to tell which is the right side and wrong side. I stick painter’s tape labels on the panels as a cheat — “RB” = Right side, back panel. And man, has this prevented a lot of mix-ups.

3. Wrap sharp-edged rotary blades or sewing needles before tossing in the trash.  A simple, safe way to protect the trash-taker-outers’ hands!

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5 thoughts on “3 reasons to love painter’s tape

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  2. I have a roll of painter’s tape in my sewing room as well. I use it in the same fahion. It’s also handy for holding down the paper or plastic sheeting I use when tracing multi-size patterns.

  3. Great ideas–thanks for sharing! And I thought of another one…i use it to tape paper pattern pieces to the back of a door in my sewing area. They’re out of the way and don’t get crumpled or lost.

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