Scenes from World Maker Faire NY 2012

We really didn’t know what to expect when we applied for a spot at World Maker Faire–but we figured, if nothing else, it would be a memorable life experience. We rolled into the Queens fairground early Saturday morning. A giant robot made the entrance easy to spot. (That’s my sweet son, Joe, in the matching red jacket).

We got to work prepping our tent. Storey Publishing set us up so well with gorgeous posters (thanks, Leslie!) and other cool promo stuff.

Good lighting is key for a good atmosphere…so we outfitted the place with a chandelier.

Soon, the crowds started to come. According to NY1 new station, 50,000 people attended the fair. It was full of mind-boggling stuff–a life-size Mousetrap game, a guy driving around in a motorized hammock, bikes with giant butterfly wings, tents full of robots  — and that’s just what I was able to glimpse on my few moments away from manning the booth.

Nicole gave guidance to tons of newly hatched improv sewists. All kinds of people sat down to learn the art of thread drawing.

She stitched a message in Russian to send to her family back home.

Don’t be alarmed — this kid’s slashed neck wasn’t a sewing injury. He got it at Maker Faire’s special effects makeup booth.

And we even came away with some ribbons! All and all, an incredible experience…and incredibly fun. Thanks to all who stopped by to stitch with us!

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6 thoughts on “Scenes from World Maker Faire NY 2012

  1. That’s my kid with the slashed neck. Daniel aka “Sally” was SO proud of his drawing (and the next one he did, too). I’m going to be fighting with him for my sewing machine!

    We’ve been to all 3 Maker Faires and this one was our favorite. We had a great time at your booth and I love the book.

    • Ginger, Sally is the coolest! We were talking about him a lot on the way home! Please post your improv projects on our flickr site…we’d love to see!

    • Sonya, thank you!! It was wonderful to meet you too…your project is so inspiring and we will be cheering you on through all your many acts! We are dreaming of doing Maker Faire in the Bay Area next year, so we will keep our fingers crossed that we’ll all be doing it again next year.

  2. I spent a few brief moments in your both at Maker Faire – had two sons along, not so interested in sewing. But those moments were very inspirational, I now have your book. I’ve done a lot of sewing, but no confidence to do clothes, but you make it look so great and so simple. Ready to do lots of projects. thanks!

    • Meryl, we loved meeting you at Maker Faire…and SO glad you will give garment sewing improv-style a try…I think you’ll find it’s pretty darn easy and a lot of fun. Try your first piece on an inexpensive fabric, and you’ll feel like you’ve got almost nothing to lose. Also, please post pics to our Flickr group when you’re done–we would really love to see your creations!

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