a Lego party game and other interesting weekend things

I took this weekend off!  I didn’t work at all and it was the first couple of days in a couple of weeks that I can say that!  What is happening?! Actually, I know that the busy work life I lead isn’t a constant and that I take the freelance stuff as it comes happily, so even though I have been heard complaining a bit these past weeks, I mostly feel pretty fortunate. Not only that, but my boy turned 8 and a party needed to be made and soccer needed attending and I wanted to see some friends and maybe sit on the sofa a little. I didn’t sew, even though that doesn’t always feel like work, but it was too close.

We listened to this:

Major birthday present – an electric guitar! It is one of those self-serving gifts, for sure, as I was really wanting one too! And, despite his serious face, he was thrilled and made a remark that went something like this: Wow, this isn’t handmade! Jeeze.

We tried out this Composimold molding compound I got at The Maker Faire for my daughter., which was very very cool! We heated it up, stuck this guy in it –

and then waited for it to set.

This is the mold after the figure was removed:

It is like firm rubber in this state and you can fill that space where the dog was with wax, plaster of paris, or resin.  We tried a lego guy with plaster but it broke when I was removing it from the compismold, which was my fault, I think.  We are thinking about how to get the plaster into this little shape and have learned what we might do next time.  We really want to try out Precious Metal Clay, so I’ll share when we get to that point.  There are tons of possibilities and it was pretty cool to even get to this point.  Now we have what looks to be an ancient casting of a minifigure.

Speaking of mini-figures. We had a party for Harry yesterday and his amazing sister created this game for it – “pin the accessory on the lego guy”.

I colored the blue pants in and she wasn’t impressed. What?! That is a lot of magic marker and we were running out of time.

She made 10 different accessories.  Here are some:

And then my husband happened by and we got this:

Angry Amish Space program Enthusiast!

I didn’t get any real after-shots, but you can imagine the cubist slant it had.

We also had our first killing frost up here in New England this weekend.  The trees are starting to show off their gorgeous autumn leaves and one of our persimmons droppped nearly all of its clothes.  Now it is like an ornamented tree – so pretty!


So it was a wonderful weekend and I got to see my friends and drink cider and sit by a bonfire with them for hours while the kids played tag and bounced on the trampoline.  Oh, and by the way, one of those dear friends is now the modern manners columnist in Real Simple Magazine and you should read it! She keeps me in line (unless she doesn’t).


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