Merrily We Sew Along #1: Lovely Linen Placemats (and Prizes)!

So here we, go…merrily sewing along!! (If you don’t know what we’re talking about, get more details on this info page).

As the first project in our Improv Sewing sewalong, we turned to page 110 of the book: Border Stitched Linen Placemats. This little project is so fast and so rewarding…and all fun, because you’re basically cutting, then embellishing. We used deep blue cotton linen from Jo-ann’s, and dressed it up with borders. We added brown and blue-green borders, and either yellow or orange in the corners–inspired by all the autumny colors busting out in our New England corner of the world.

(We know we don’t have to tell you that we will trim those threads a little better before we invite the Queen and Naughty Prince Harry over for pancakes.)

SO….are you inspired to stitch up your own set of improv placemats?? Before you rev your machine, a bit more inspiration: check out the placemats made by  this sew-along’s hosts, casa crafty and imaginegnats.

THEN…check out the placemats stitched by our special guest-star poster for this month’s project: Jill of made with moxie!  Hooray for Jill!

Why should you sew along? Besides dreaming up your own border-stitched placements, you could win these sweet prizes from the very wonderful Aurifil Thread and Storey Publishing!

Upload a picture of your improv placemats to the merrily we sew along flickr group by november 14 to be entered to win!!

Stitch merrily, everybody!

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3 thoughts on “Merrily We Sew Along #1: Lovely Linen Placemats (and Prizes)!

  1. Okay, just now found this “sew along” and am really, really new to sewing, but I am up for the challenge, so, I will try this out. I bought your book Improv Sewing about 4 weeks ago and have just been dying to try a project. Now I know which one I shall try first. Wish me luck:)

    • Good luck, Deb! This is a perfect project to begin with—really easy, but really beautiful results! You’ll be very proud of yourself. Can’t wait to see what you do…

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