Halloween Spiderweb Votives – Drawn with thread (plus video tutorial!)

If you have started using your sewing  machine to draw with thread then you will know that it is not only a great medium for laying down some original surface designs, but that it is completely addictive.  It is definitely my go-to when I really feel like making something  but I need it to be quick. I particularly love how graphic everything turns out, and these votive holders are no exception.

What you’ll need:

– I used an old white sheet, but any woven cotton fabric will do. Old white sheet and Halloween just seem to go well together.

– black thread

– votive jar, vase, or something glass to hold the candle (it should be a cylinder).


1) Cut your fabric. Lay your votive holder atop a length of fabric that is equal to the height of the vessel, less a 1/2″.

Wrap the fabric around the vessel and cut the length so there is about  1″  extra on each side when pulled taut. I snipped and ripped the fabric instead of cutting so I got a soft frayed edge. Press the fabric before decorating.

2. Set your machine. For a bold line, use a straight stretch stitch (which is what I used).  If you are more comfortable using a regular straight stitch, that would work too, though it will be finer and less graphic. For the first sewing step, you will keep full pressure on your presser foot.

3. Stitch the straight lines of the web.  Starting anywhere you want (though an edge is a good place to begin) stitch a straight loine from one point to another (ending at another edge).

Lift the foot and start stitching another line perpendicular to the first (like you are cutting a pie in quarters).

Continue “cutting the pie” until you have 4 lines drawn, like this.

4. Draw the connecting webs.  Now comes the fun part. Decrease the pressure on your pressure foot.  I have a dial on the side of my machine but your machine might have something else, so check your manual.

Insert your needle about a 1/2″ from the center of the web, along one of the straight lines.

Now you will draw an arched line from that line to the next by gently manipulating the fabric as you sew.  Get a good grip so you can control where the stitches will be laid as you proceed.  I turned my fabric when I got to each straight line by leaving my needle in the fabric, lifting my foot, and turning the whole fabric piece. Continue around the straight lines of the web until you reach where you began.  Lift your needle and move a 1/2″ up the straight line of the web and repeat the arched lines as before.

Watch a video on how this step is done here.

5. Sew sleeve seam to fit vessel.  I forgot to snap a shot of this step, but it couldn’t be more straightforward.  You want the sleeve to be tight around the vessel, so wrap it around with the raw short ends aligned and make a mark where the seam needs to start.  With those edges still aligned, stitch from the mark down the length of that edge, backstitching at both ends.  You can trim the raw edge with  pinking shears if you are concerned with fraying, or leave it just as it is.


We had these lit last night with most of the lights off and they were nice and creepy and pretty.

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