Merrily We Sew Along – project #3

Everyone was having box making fun and I wanted in on the action. My daughter needed a place to put her new ipod touch – lucky girl – so I made her this.


Unlike the nesting boxes that I made for the book, which were natural canvas, I used a wool exterior with a cotton flannel interior. I have actually run out of canvas! I never thought it would happen. The others involved in the sew along were being clever with their use of fabric, and i wanted to as well. I’m like that.

I still kept the simple line approach that i used in the book project, though I was tempted by applique and paint after seeing the others.


2013-01-23 12.30.57

Look what Jessica from A Little Gray made, and you’ll see why I had paint on my mind.2013-01-23 12.31.14

Besides the change in fabric, and my use of two layers, I followed the directions from the Canvas Nesting Boxes in I

mprov Sewing, more or less. The thing is, you can do whatever you want, right? That is the whole point – improv!
2013-01-23 12.36.15

I didn’t make more than one this time, though you can imagine how many of these I have made in the past. They are pretty quick to whip up and can be tweaked in a million ways.2013-01-28 13.00.10

I hope more of you will come and join us in Merrily We Sew Along! The lovely gals of Casa Crafty and Imagine Gnats are leading the way, and there are prizes to be won! And, of course, scroll down and see what Debra made for the sew along, if you haven’t already – awesomeness! MAKE!!!

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