Merrily We Sew Along, challenge #3: and the winner is….

A big thanks to all of you who’ve been sewing and following along with merrily we sew along! (See all the details on this fun Improv-Sewing-inspired endeavor here). We had some beautiful and inventive versions of canvas nesting boxes sewn up as part of project three, and we’ve certainly been inspired by your projects! and yes, project three ended a bit ago… so it’s well past time to announce a winner!

The winner of project three: canvas nesting boxes is Angela (aka WandaFish11), who won us over with her can-do improv approach and fun stitching experimentation!

Canvas Nesting Boxes

Congrats, Angela!! She won a Folk Art Aurifil 12wt wool 12 spool large collection case, as well as a package of these five sewing books from Storey Publishing: Improv Sewing, One-Yard Wonders Fabric by Fabric, Mend It Better, Grow Your Handmade Business, and Sew Up a Home Makeover.  Special thanks to those sponsors (especially our beloved publishers up in North Adams!).

And also, major, major love to Rachael at Imaginegnats — there’s nobody we’d rather sew along merrily with!

Canvas Nesting Boxes
We can’t wait to share project four with you, so stay tuned…
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2 thoughts on “Merrily We Sew Along, challenge #3: and the winner is….

    • absolutely, miss WandaFish! Keep on making beautiful stuff…those books you won should give you tons of ideas! Hope you’ll keep us posted on what you make.

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