My two-tee dress

There are 101 projects in Improv Sewing, so of course I have quite a few favorites. The Two Tee Dress is definitely up high on the list because it is so cute, yes, but also because it it completely versatile and quick to sew. I like to say that you have a closet full of patterns to work from (I may have said it somewhere on this blog at some point) but the amount of fabric you can get for next-to-nothing at the thrift store is insane, and I feel I should tell you that repeatedly too. It comes in a zillion patterns and colors and it is pre-washed (though you might want to wash it right when you get home, just the same).  One men’s shirt can make a whole dress for a girl, but a few pieced together can make one for a woman easily.


I didn’t think I was going to get to this project this week, but I was so inspired by what everyone has been making for the Merrily We Sew Along Sew Along that I dug out a couple t-shirts and ducked into my studio this morning and whipped it out. I figured I’d make it for my daughter, but then just made it for myself. She can wear it if she wants but whenever she puts on something that is mine, it ends up staying in her circulation, so I might be a bit protective. I really love how it turned out and it was an awesomely warm day, so I wore it all afternoon and evening. My sister-in-law might recognize the green part and I imagine she didn’t expect it would turn out as the bottom of a dress, but it was destiny Lisa.  You all might notice the instagram qualities of the photos. Did you? I now have an iphone and though every single one of you out there already does, it is my first and I am playing with it a bit (maybe too much, but I know I’m not alone).  But the dress is good, right? I like empire waists and I never would have been able to make something long enough without one.


Maybe you’ll join us on this little sew along journey? If you do, please show us what you make over on our Merrily We Sew Along  flickr page! You can win a subscription to Creativebug for a whole month, and the things you will learn are so great and plentiful that you will be so happy you jumped on the boat before it sailed. But do get crackin’, because there is a little deadline of posting your picture by April 30th and that is coming right up. Tell all your friends! The more the merrier!

And on an entirely different note: We let the piglets into the field today and it was funny. They are so cute and small and they squeal so LOUDLY – especially when Harry picks them up!

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