The not so simple farm life, or, the importance of doing hard stuff

Wow, once spring decides to happen here in New England, it really goes whole hog! Trees are bare and then all of a sudden, they have leaves so green and beautiful it takes your breath away. Our apple trees begin to bloom, piglets are born, and starts go into the ground in the garden – so much promise, it is hard not to laugh aloud. I love all of it, but it would be insincere if I didn’t admit that it comes with a price. Sometimes I feel challenged beyond what I really think I can do and time feels thin.  I long to be at my sewing machine or in the kitchen, just doing what comes easy, but there are things to be done and if my husband and I don’t do them, they simply won’t get done – and that would change our lives in a way that would just not fly for me (or him). You see, it is complicated, and though I am laughing at the verdant days, dreaming of canning tomatoes and going swimming, I am spending my days doing things that this suburban California Jewish girl simply never thought in a million years she’d be doing.

Okay, this whole post is really just to be able to share that I gained a new skill – brag? boast? cringe? -I am now a semi-skilled at the castration of piglets. Yes, that is right – cut, pop, squeeze, pull, cut. It is gruesome business, especially the first one, and I am sitting here processing my morning wondering if I will EVER have to do that again. All in all, it went well and I got more and more detached and able to work efficiently without my emotions getting in the way, but really, I won’t say I liked it.

And you thought I might talk about a new dress you can make. I’m sorry if I disturbed you. Saddened you. Grossed you out. If you are a vegetarian, then you might even be mad at me – sorry about that too.  But, there is a small part of me that feels proud – mostly because maybe I’m not the type. I’m a little delicate flower meets skill seeker. If a guy can do it, then I want to be able to do it too.

What is the hardest thing you have ever had to do that pushed your self-imposed limitations? I’m so curious!

And now, I leave you with a beautiful photograph of the orchard in full bloom  – my beautiful teenager and me looking at the beautiful place we live in. It is worth the complexity most of the time!!!

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One thought on “The not so simple farm life, or, the importance of doing hard stuff

  1. We are a budding farm, it is so. much. work.! I am impressed that you did the pigs! We have three small children, so I would say my biggest accomplishment right now is that I just keep going. I am really more of a sit-on-the-porch-with-a-book kind of girl, but not these days!

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