New skirts for summer

madewithoverMoving into summer means some new skirts for me! I pretty much live in skirts and dresses in the hot weather – doing everything from hiking and gardening to going to dinner at friends. I wear my clothes out like an 8 year old – if they had knees, they’d have holes. So, besides just wanting something new and fresh, I sort of need something new and fresh unless I want to go out with grass stained, torn, and dingy garments. I was digging through some bins trying to find fabric pieces larger than a 1/2 yard and came up with this awesome IKEA fabric I had obviously forgotten all about. My sister-in-law actually gave me a purse made from this fabric at Christmas this year and I thought I had only considered buying it, but I knew where it came from. Happy surprise. I don’t wear this skirt with the bag, though harry thinks I should make a shirt and shoes out of the same stuff and wear it all together. He rightly thought that was hilarious! 

So, here is last weeks skirt. The fabric is a heavy canvas and there is a little side zipper too. I didn’t end up needing darts because I made it slightly smaller than intended. But, it matters not, because it fits great with no gappy back. I love it. I also just finished a linen skirt with embroidered finishes that I will photograph in the next couple days and share. I might even try to be a bit more pressed and unwrinkled for that one.  THEN, maybe I will let you know how I make my aline skirts with zippers. As usual, it isn’t rocket science, and they don’t take more than an hour.


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2 thoughts on “New skirts for summer

    • Remember me telling you that I was going to buy this fabric but then didn’t? Well, I did. xo You have me nailed!

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