A new pillow

I don’t seem to have any theme to the pillow situation on my sofa, but that’s okay. Maybe it’s a little like paintings on the wall – all are unique and you really wouldn’t want them too similar or your house would end up looking like a doctor’s office.  It is satisfying for me to make something new and pillows are essential for a cozy space, so they are a good go-to when I want a small and quick project.

Unless I am deep into a book or playing a game, it is really hard for me to just sit around in the evening . I want to hang out with my family, even if there is homework, lego and reading going on simultaneously , so I find any sort of handwork perfect. My aim is to have the old fashioned darning basket equivalent sitting there with a variety of possibilities, but lately I’ve just needed to be prepared for the night so I don’t need to get off my lazy butt and head across the yard to my studio to get something  ( not wanting to sit around and being too lazy to go out into the night to get some supplies are quite different) . I also know I might not actually come back in for a while once I see the piles of potential up there, so it is better for everyone if I have it inside already. This is a long winded way to share this:

The linen case is an envelope style and is 1/2″ smaller  than the pillow insert to ensure a nice snug and tidy fit. I drew the design onto the pillowcase with tailor’s chalk and a ruler. It is a simple (and trendy, I know) geometric design and any dimensions will do.

I used embroidery thread to follow the chalk lines and backstitched the entire design for a nice graphic look

I used embroidery thread to follow the chalk lines and backstitched the entire design for a nice graphic look

At the end of a length of embroidery thread, and at the last stitch, I ended on the wrong side and tied off with a knot right at the fabric to secure the stitches. It is so simple.

I love it. I still might add a few more arrows or lines if I get the urge and no other project waits in the wings. But then again, I just noticed a rip in that red chair and maybe I will darn it while I sit there  some night.

Also, if you need a quick project and have someone in your life that is bow obsessed, head here to see a tutorial I created on that very thing. They look like this and can be used a bunch of different ways – in the hair, on a necklace, as a pin on bowtie, on a gift, etc.


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