fabric scrap advent calendar

Things at home are a little tricky these days.  My son is now a high-school freshman, for one thing. It’s a whole new world of teenagerdom for us–a new phase to navigate. And then there’s a spouse who is working out of town almost all the time. And then there’s the early sunsets and the cold. Evenings can be a bit quiet, dark, and dull. To counteract all this and add a bit of cheer, I decided to dig into my scrap pile this year and do a little improv-sewing advent calendar.

1-photo 3

(Sorry about the unbeautiful phone pics — the aforementioned teen has confiscated my good camera for a project of his own!)  I just cut the scraps into rectangles, folded them in half (or stacked a couple, if the scrap was especially narrow and small), and sewed up the seams to make little pouches. I turned the cotton pouches inside out to for a (slightly) more finished look. If the scrap was jersey or felt, which doesn’t ravel, I left the seams raw and exposed (you can see it on the reddish/orange pouch below).

fabric scrap advent calendar

Filled ’em with candy or other little goodies like bubble bath shapes (below), tied ’em closed with ribbon or fabric strips, added a little label and clipped them to the branch in our kitchen that I use for all kinds of seasonal hanging doodads.

1-photo 5

This scrappy little project has accomplished its mission. Evenings are brighter. My teen and I are bonding over nightly doses of candy and treats. Happiness has been increased with few quick stitches. Here’s hoping your holidays are bright and happy too!

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