Giving the gift of MAKING

We all know what great gifts we get from our creative endeavors. It comes as no surprise that research finds that making things – using your hands – either for practical or artistic reasons pretty much makes you happier and more satisfied in general. Truth! I sat down here because I wanted to say that and then realized  I should back up what I was saying so I googled “does making things make you happier” and the very first thing that came up was written by one of my most dearest friends – I love that! Check out Catherine Newman’s piece called Want to be Happier? Try Making Your Life a Little Harder.

We want our people to be happy too, so I wanted to remind everyone who knows someone who talks about wanting to learn to sew to BUY OUR BOOK! Improv Sewing, as you know because you are on this blog, is great for beginners and seasoned sewists in need of a few new ideas.  It’s also pretty cheap on Amazon right now, so there is that.


But also, Debra and I have workshops on Creativebug that are great for people who would rather be shown than read about how to make something. Under Improv Sewing, we have a workshop on tracing a t-shirt and making a wardrobe, drawing with thread, making girl’s bloomers, and a very sweet upcycled girls dress called Morse Code Dress (you’ll see why). Under Nicole Blum, you’ll find a stitched rope basket, an appliqued umbrella, cool shrinky dink jewelry, and some yarn birds. So there’s something for the grown-ups and the kids in your life. Creativebug workshops are available if you subscribe by the month, or longer, or many of the workshops can be purchased a la carte. BUT WAIT!!! We are  giving away 2 free 3-month subscriptions- one for the winner and one for the friend of a winner (so you get 2 if you win) All you need to do is tell us if you own our book and whether or not you are thinking of getting it as a gift for someone! You can be honest. We are just curious. We will be asking for the same thing over on, so leave your comment on either or both places and we will use a random number generator to choose a winner by December 28th. Better late than never.

Have the most joyful celebrations folks! Let friends know about this giveaway too.

xo, Nicole and Debra

Update: We have a winner! Sorry I forgot to do this on the 28th, but I was busy not working, and that is rare. The odds were great for all of you since only 3 comments were left (maybe we should post more often?!) but Annette got picked by the random number generator. I cannot figure out how to show you the box with the pick, so you’ll have to trust me. I don’t know any of you but I wanted you all to win this. I’ll send you an email, Annette.



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3 thoughts on “Giving the gift of MAKING

  1. You bet I have your book! I don’t own a ton of sewing/Making books, but yours is so packed with ideas and techniques that I do feel it’s a must have. I refer to it often. I don’t have anyone on my giftee list just now that would appreciate and use it, but I think it’d be a fabulous gift and have it permanently on my amazon gift-giving wishlist! Thanks for the giveaway– I have been longing to try creativebug.

  2. I love your workshops! I love forward to more in the future! thanks!
    I definitely have your book, and it has circulated the hands of my family makers.
    I also do follow your blog regularly.

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